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Make Money with the Basics

Dive in with 5 Months to 5 Figures, and you'll be building lights, as a side hustle, making money on YOUR terms, from the comfort of your home, WITHOUT the need to spend a ton of money to get started.

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Learn with Chris

Want to avoid mistakes? Your brave and fearless leader has screwed up in just about every way possible, so think of him as your personal crash test dummy. Why fail yourself to learn?

Lightsmen Academy

Inside you will learn technical skills from online training, marketing strategy, and exclusive in-depth Podcast interviews with the best of the best in the field.

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Hear interviews of business owners telling their origin stories, with some of the best in the industry, on the Lightsmen Podcast. 


See hours of in depth, actionable video lessons, teaching you to plan and price out builds, customize lights, and get your name out there.


Find your voice and build fans of your brand. Learn to lead with value, and educate your audience on what you specialize in, and how you do it.

Become a Lightsmen

Join a group of action takers, learn from the best in the business, and share your victories as you're inspired by other builders just like you.


Access private groups as part of the Lightsmen community, get a direct line to discounted parts from our brand partners, and ask questions knowing you'll receive answers to help you succeed.


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